New 60-second slices of present

Some time ago I introduced my idea to a conceptual series I named 60-second slices of present. What had started as an experiment about two years ago has ever since been becoming a long-term photo project. Here comes a selection of last year’s results.

Monotony – booklet publication

Regardless of time or place “monotony” exposes a phenomenon hundreds of thousands of people find themselves in the midst of everyday – commuting.

Being accomodated in suburbs – often huge monocultural agglomerations of apartment blocks – their residents need to be on their way to the city centre to earn a living each and every day.

Come into being in early 2012 on several winter morning trips to the satellite towns far out in the east of Berlin the pictures of the project are given a frame and a melody with this booklet.

Along with a text about the project you can see all the pictures the booklet contains here.

If you are interested in purchasing this booklet or like to have some more information about it, I recommend you download this PDF