BBC lifts secret of Berlin’s pink pipes

Pink pipes © Robert Herrmann

When I published an explanation about the purpose of Berlin’s pink pipes in the beginning of last year, little did I know this was a question so many people were keen to find out. The post went viral through several blogs, facebook and twitter. Then the BBC decided to do a little reportage on the … Continue reading

It always starts with an image in my mind …


At some time early in March this year I felt the urge to get out and capture some collective human motion again. With my longtime exposure project 60-second slices of present in mind and the intention to extend it beyond Berlin I asked myself where to go this time. Inspired by the news reports on … Continue reading

Monotony – booklet publication

monotony booklet

Regardless of time or place “monotony” exposes a phenomenon hundreds of thousands of people find themselves in the midst of everyday – commuting. Being accomodated in suburbs – often huge monocultural agglomerations of apartment blocks – their residents need to be on their way to the city centre to earn a living each and every … Continue reading


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