BBC lifts secret of Berlin’s pink pipes

When I published an explanation about the purpose of Berlin’s pink pipes in the beginning of last year, little did I know this was a question so many people were keen to find out.

The post went viral through several blogs, facebook and twitter. Then the BBC decided to do a little reportage on the pink pipes and contacted me. When asked, if I wanted to be a part in their broadcast, I said yes.

So back in summer this year I had the opportunity to meet the BBC’s Berlin correspondent Stephen Evans at Potsdamer Platz. I took a shot, when he was filmed by video journalist Suraj Patel and talking about his plan to solve the mystery of the pink pipes.

Then Suraj filmed me while I was shooting some images of the pipes with my camera. Watch the whole story here. And yes, at 2:05 in the video, that’s me.

Stephen Evans & the pink pipes © Robert Herrmann

Pink pipes © Robert Herrmann

Pink pipes © Robert Herrmann

I have added these images to my website. Find them in the work “this is not a pipe

Update: Sadly, the triple pipe at Potsdamer Platz is now gone.

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3 Responses to “BBC lifts secret of Berlin’s pink pipes”
  1. cooperatoby says:

    Excellent! Well done, Robert. but they should have given you a credit, if not an interview.

    • Robert says:

      Thank you, Toby. We actually did an interview, but they edited it out of the final version of the broadcast. I am not too unhappy about that actually, since I was quite nervous during the interview. ; )

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