60-second slices of present // Frankfurt 2013

© Robert Herrmann

This year in summer I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Frankfurt. Considered Germany’s financial centre and paired with the largest hub-airport of mainland Europe this city should be an interesting place to explore, I assumed. So I prepared and packed my equipment intending to take some longtime exposures there. I … Continue reading

60-second slices of present // London 2013

© Robert Herrmann

As part of my ongoing project ”60-second slices of present“ I filled a couple of rolls when I had the opportunity to shoot in London early this year. I have just finished editing down a huge bulk of images to what you now see below. Enjoy and stay tuned for more of this year’s slices … Continue reading

60-second slices of present // Rome 2013


As mentioned at the beginning of the year, I intended to take the “60-second slices of present”-project further and beyond the city of Berlin where it all had started some three years ago. I am surprised, how the project has been developing since. The fact I always limit myself to the exact same capturing method … Continue reading

60-second slices of present // Urbi et Orbi // Rome 2013


As mentioned in my previous post I spend Easter time in Rome this year. I had a very particular image in mind I wanted to take – the masses of people gathering on Saint Peter’s Square for Pope Francis’s Urbi et Orbi Message. So this is my selection of shots I took in and around … Continue reading

It always starts with an image in my mind …


At some time early in March this year I felt the urge to get out and capture some collective human motion again. With my longtime exposure project 60-second slices of present in mind and the intention to extend it beyond Berlin I asked myself where to go this time. Inspired by the news reports on … Continue reading

60-second slices of present project presentation


Recently I was invited to an evening at a private salon in Berlin Schöneberg to talk about my photo project “60-second slices of present”. This was a great opportunity for me to gather lots of scattered thoughts that have been accompanying the process of the project and put them into a frame. I talked about … Continue reading

60-second slices of present // Warsaw 2012


2012 was a fruitful year as to continuing my photo project “60-second slices of present”. In my last post on the selection of 60-second shots from Berlin I mentioned that I plan to extend this work with photos from other cities around the world, too. So here’s a start at that: last year in October I spend … Continue reading

60-second slices of present // Berlin 2012

Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni

Now that 2013 has just started, I’d like to present a selection of last year’s “60-second slices of present”. This sparse, yet compact selection of works is part of the eponymous ongoing series that I started almost three years ago. It has become a pleasure to reflect on the project’s development since. What, out of … Continue reading

deep east

deep east

Okay, to be honest it’s been a bit quiet and dusty in here recently. Now here is a little update on what has been and what is going on behind the scenes. A couple of weeks ago I was involved in an accident. I took away injuries on both arms, which will take until the … Continue reading

2nd place in Architecture – Cityscapes of the 2012 IPA Competition


It’s a pleasure for me to announce, I was awarded the 2nd place in the 2012 International Photography Awards Competition in the category: Architecture – Cityscapes. I contributed five images of my ongoing series “60-second city slices (working title: 60-second slices of present)” About IPA: The 2012 International Photography Awards received nearly 15,000 submissions from … Continue reading


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