May Day 2013

May Day march 2013.

On May 1st this year Frank, Philipp and I joined the Maifest and had a nice time walking the streets of Kreuzberg together. Just as last year once again the folklore event was a great opportunity to do some street photography. Enjoy a selection of pictures I took this year:  

Vernissage “Über Grenzen”

Agentur Ostkreuz // Vernissage "Über Grenzen"

Gestern wurde im Haus der Kulturen der Welt in Berlin die Ausstellung “Über Grenzen” eröffnet. Sie zeigt Arbeiten von 17 Fotografen der Agentur Ostkreuz. Die Ausstellung läuft bis zum 30.12.2012. Hier einige Bilder vom Eröffnungsabend.

Im Depot des Deutschen Technikmuseums Berlin


Das Depot des Technikmuseums in Berlin öffnet in diesem Jahr an allen Septembersonntagen seine Türen. Zu sehen ist eine beeindruckende Sammlung an Oldtimern aus dem öffentlichen Berliner Straßen- und Schienennahverkehr des gesamten 20. Jahrhunderts.

May Day, May Day!


Formerly known as the germ cell of nonconformism Berlin Kreuzberg has long been gentrified by now. What had once been the riots of May Day have now become an event of mere folklore.

Out for adventure. Finding but the trots.


This is but a little pictorial tale about a day at Trabrennbahn Mariendorf – one of three Berlin trotting courses. All shots are taken with a Yashica Mat 124G on Fuji NPH400. Click on the first gallery image to start the slideshow.

serenata portuale


A series of photographs I took in march at the seaside in Aci Trezza, Sicily. Click on any image to start the slideshow and enjoy the stage play. ~



Sicily – the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea and an autonomous region of Italy – is a place where local incomes are low. Besides agriculture and oil refinery being major parts of its economy tourism plays an important role as well. While travelling along the roads of the island and visiting touristic hotspots it … Continue reading

Monotony – booklet publication

monotony booklet

Regardless of time or place “monotony” exposes a phenomenon hundreds of thousands of people find themselves in the midst of everyday – commuting. Being accomodated in suburbs – often huge monocultural agglomerations of apartment blocks – their residents need to be on their way to the city centre to earn a living each and every … Continue reading

Monotony – reflections on working class’s modus operandi


About two years ago I created a little set of pictures I then named every day’s drab monotony. These couple of photographs were the result of a simple idea. The plan was to get onto the first train at 4 am that would take me to the huge satellite towns far out in the east … Continue reading

Dong Xuan Center Berlin – photo walk


On tour with framafo, Christa Watschn, ovit, dr. quitti, henrikinberlin, It’s Sue and Kay__K.


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