Warszawa Grotesque

I always wondered what that city at the other end of the Berlin-Warszawa-Express line would be like. Time to find out, I decided and booked a ticket.

I arrived in Warszawa on a sunny day in September at noon. I wandered the streets of the Polish capital for half that day and finally came across castle square where I happened to witness some real life grotesque. It was just bizarre.

Here is what happened: A street musician from Germany was hitting the keys of his piano playing some romantic tune. A bunch of listeners was gathering around him indulging in his classic pieces.

Suddenly a couple of cyclists broke the harmony by bluntly interrupting the man’s play with a cartful of vibrating loudspeakers. Confusion spread among the audience as the cyclist’s speakers were emitting some rough Gangnam Style and the pianist finally stopped playing.

More and more cyclists were gathering at the square. It turned out the bicycle crowd was about to begin some demonstration. When they started I took a couple pictures.

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2 Responses to “Warszawa Grotesque”
  1. Jan says:

    Robert this makes me think of some of the ‘flashmob’ scenes I’ve seen. Unfortunate for Arne Schmitt and his attempts to add Warszawa to the growing list of cities he has travelled to.

    • Robert says:

      I think it was only half as bad for him as my words make it appear. He had already been playing for quite a while. The Gangnam cyclists also compensated their initial insensibility with a kind dialogue and sincere apologies.
      I think flashmops are funny. But I guess this wasn’t one. It seemed more organised an official telling from the police convoy and people by the side of the road counting the number of participants.

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