© Robert Herrmann

60-second slices of present // Frankfurt 2013

This year in summer I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days in Frankfurt. Considered Germany’s financial centre and paired with the largest hub-airport of mainland Europe this city should be an interesting place to explore, I assumed. So I prepared and packed my equipment intending to take some longtime exposures there. I … Continue reading

© Robert Herrmann

60-second slices of present // London 2013

As part of my ongoing project ”60-second slices of present“ I filled a couple of rolls when I had the opportunity to shoot in London early this year. I have just finished editing down a huge bulk of images to what you now see below. Enjoy and stay tuned for more of this year’s slices … Continue reading

May Day march 2013.

May Day 2013

On May 1st this year Frank, Philipp and I joined the Maifest and had a nice time walking the streets of Kreuzberg together. Just as last year once again the folklore event was a great opportunity to do some street photography. Enjoy a selection of pictures I took this year:  


60-second slices of present // Rome 2013

As mentioned at the beginning of the year, I intended to take the “60-second slices of present”-project further and beyond the city of Berlin where it all had started some three years ago. I am surprised, how the project has been developing since. The fact I always limit myself to the exact same capturing method … Continue reading


60-second slices of present // Urbi et Orbi // Rome 2013

As mentioned in my previous post I spend Easter time in Rome this year. I had a very particular image in mind I wanted to take – the masses of people gathering on Saint Peter’s Square for Pope Francis’s Urbi et Orbi Message. So this is my selection of shots I took in and around … Continue reading


It always starts with an image in my mind …

At some time early in March this year I felt the urge to get out and capture some collective human motion again. With my longtime exposure project 60-second slices of present in mind and the intention to extend it beyond Berlin I asked myself where to go this time. Inspired by the news reports on … Continue reading

The Silence of Dogs in Cars | © Martin Usborne

Buchrezension: The Silence of Dogs in Cars

Es ist immer wieder erfreulich, wenn man mitbekommt, wie ein erfolgreich finanziertes Crowdfunding-Projekt auch in ein überaus ansprechendes Ergebnis umgesetzt wird. Martin Usbornes „The Silence of Dogs in Cars“ ist ein Beispiel dafür. Das 2012 im Kehrer Verlag erschienene Buch wirkt in seinem gut hälftig mit grauem Stoff bespannten Hardcover klassisch schön. Wie es der … Continue reading


60-second slices of present project presentation

Recently I was invited to an evening at a private salon in Berlin Schöneberg to talk about my photo project “60-second slices of present”. This was a great opportunity for me to gather lots of scattered thoughts that have been accompanying the process of the project and put them into a frame. I talked about … Continue reading


60-second slices of present // Warsaw 2012

2012 was a fruitful year as to continuing my photo project “60-second slices of present”. In my last post on the selection of 60-second shots from Berlin I mentioned that I plan to extend this work with photos from other cities around the world, too. So here’s a start at that: last year in October I spend … Continue reading

Berlin, Straße des 17. Juni

60-second slices of present // Berlin 2012

Now that 2013 has just started, I’d like to present a selection of last year’s “60-second slices of present”. This sparse, yet compact selection of works is part of the eponymous ongoing series that I started almost three years ago. It has become a pleasure to reflect on the project’s development since. What, out of … Continue reading


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